Rye Retreat (June 2016)

In June 2016 I hosted my first retreat. We spent a weekend in the wonderful town of Rye, East Sussex.  The itinerary included a wool dyeing workshop by Kristina @writtenincloth and photography and styling workshops by Dean and Jeska Hearne from @thefuturekept.

We spent time knitting, crocheting, swimming and talking. We also visited Rye, exploring the town and it's shops and eating delicious cake.  


Spending time with new people and making lasting friendships is something that appeals to me and makes these retreats so fulfilling.  When these people share similar creative interests the dynamics are wonderful.  Learning new creative skills or improving existing ones at the same time is the pièce de resistance.

@dean.hearne  learning to dye wool.

@dean.hearne learning to dye wool.

The guests were all lovely and I say thank you for making this first retreat a success.