This first week of October.

During the past couple of weeks many of our vegetables and fruits have been ready for harvesting. We have picked apples, pears, tomatoes, cabbage, corn (the best I have ever tasted) and new delicious sweet peas. We have an abundance of pumpkins and squashes and still have some green beans. Did I mention that we are drowning in tomatoes? It’s been an ingredient in salads, soups and snacks. We have cooked it, preserved it and frozen it… and we are still drowning in them!

It’s been a plentiful harvest and we have had enough to enjoy at home and to cook or bake or preserve for the shop. We have sold some of our fresh produce, often picked fresh when ordered. Any of the vegetables that have grown too fast for us to keep up with have been shared with the animals on the farm and also in our ‘free’ gate stall. I am thankful for this wonderful experience and can’t help planning for next year. There are some changes for next year… what will we grow more of, what will be plant in succession to ease the glut and new fruits to grow. And I will definitely be planting more corn… yum!!!!


The Cut Flower Garden

The dahlias were very late to bloom this year after we kept having them get eaten by a badger or small deer. Now they are in full bloom and filling warm Autumn days with a blaze of glory. Come and visit us for the opportunity to cut your own dahlias. Even just taking a walk through our flower garden is food for the soul and a wonderful way to feel more grounded and clear the energy flow in and around yourself. Breathing deeply in such an atmosphere can be very freeing, helping us to appreciate the here and now.