How the Creativity Festival Began




It all started when…

Two years ago ( Summer 2016) we moved to Hill View Farm. It had been a difficult time for us as a family the years before the move as I had been having chemotherapy. We all felt a little broken and a little scarred and were in desperate need of repair. Moving to the small holding had been an instinctive move, we had never previously planned a life of farming. But things happen, often for the best I believe, and we found ourselves here.

The first winter had been long and difficult. There was more mud on a farm than I could ever have dreamed of! We were freezing cold in this house, which was not built for comfort, being two farm workers cottages once upon a time. Morale was low and as we sat cozied under hand knit blankets, we began dreaming of better days and exciting events. How to create a community of creative people to help feed our souls... The Creativity Festival was born in  May 2017 as a crazy but thrilling idea. Of course, like everything, I had to make it happen immediately. We set about planning and the first festival took place in August 2017. 


It's been filled  with extreme highs and lows since then, but after the second year we have decided to fully commit. It will now be and annual event to feed the souls of all that attend and create a global community. Dream big... always!