Handcream Bars by Aoibhe Ní


Handcream Bars by Aoibhe Ní


Please note this workshop is between 15:00 and 18:00 on 4th August 2018.

Workshop Description:

Give your hands a holiday with this exciting workshop.

Learn to make luxurious hand-cream bars from a selection of gorgeous, skin-loving, moisturising ingredients. Learn to blend fragrances, then add petals, tint and shimmer to make your hand-cream bars totally unique. You'll come away with your bars in pretty little metal pots to gift to friends... or keep all for yourself!

You'll love this relaxed, creative workshop, and your hands will definitely thank you!

Materials: All materials and equipment are supplied.

You will have the opportunity to make at least three hand cream bars, but are welcome to keep making more till the supplies run out.

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