Corrugated Ribbing by Anna Maltz


Corrugated Ribbing by Anna Maltz


Please note this workshop is between 10:00 and 13:00 on 4th August 2018

Workshop Description:

Take the next step in stranded colour work. Corrugated ribbing, as seen on the edges (cuffs, collars and bottoms) of many traditional Shetland garments, involves changing between knit and purl stitches. It is a beautiful way to add coloured vertical stripes to the existing vertical stripes of your ribbing.

The addition of a second colour to ribbing removes the reversibility of a standard rib (due to the floats) which can, counterintuitively for a rib, easily cause the edges to roll. This leaves the knitter with plenty to consider! This class will add to (or begin) your knowledge of corrugated ribbing and help you avoid the pitfalls of it, allowing you to add this visually striking technique to your knitting arsenal with confidence.

Anna is a huge fan of this approach to ribbing and you will find it in an ever-growing number of her patterns, such as the Sólja Sweater, Signal Hat and Visser Sweater.


Minimum skill level: Intermediate

 Existing knowledge required: Suitable for knitters who have experience knitting stranded colourwork in the round.

 Skills covered:

  • casting on and off for corrugated rib

  • avoiding the pitfalls of corrugated rib with tension and needle size

  • approaches to changing between colours

  • choosing colours

  •  swatching in the round


Students to bring:

- DK/worsted weight yarn in 2 contrasting, but harmonious colours. At least 50gr of each.

- 5mm (US8) DPNs or circular needles long enough for magic loop (depending on personal preference and existing knowledge – aka it’s not a good time to try magic-loop for the first time!).

It is also useful to have the following needles sizes, to apply the advice given in class.

- 4mm (US6)

- 4.5mm (US7)

- 5.5mm (US9)

- 6mm (US10)

Students may choose to substitute the DK/light worsted for 4ply/fingering weight yarn, in which case they should bring a range of corresponding needle sizes based on the weight of the yarn they bring.

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